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July 09 2015


Windows Azure Architect Program

The Windows Azure Architect program is a high-level Microsoft training program, developed in and managed from Sweden. The purpose of the program is to help developers and developing organizations make the best possible use and take maximum advantage of the Windows Azure Platform, both in terms of architecting applications for that platform and of implementing them. 

July 08 2015


An interesting thread

I'm hearing about Docker every other day, but when I look into it, I don't understand the purpose of it.

I run many websites/applications that need isolation from each other on a single server, but I just use the pretty-standard OpenVZ containers to deal with that (yes I know I could use KVM servers instead, but I haven't ran into any issues with VZ so far).

What's the difference between Docker and normal virtualization technology (OpenVZ/KVM)? Are there any good examples of when and where to use Docker over something like OpenVZ?

July 03 2015



Less Wrong is an online community for people who want to apply the discovery of biases like the conjunction fallacythe affect heuristic, and scope insensitivity in order to improve their own thinking.

Bayesian reasoning offers a way to improve on the native human reasoning style. Reasoning naively, we tend not to seek alternative explanations, and sometimes underrate the influence of prior probabilities in Bayes' theorem.

Less Wrong users aim to develop accurate predictive models of the world, and change their mind when they find evidence disconfirming those models, instead of being able to explain anything.

July 01 2015



Emacs advanced Kit focused on Evil: The best editor is neither Emacs nor Vim, it's Emacs *and* Vim!
Tags: vim emacs editors

Losing the War

A long read about WWII, ideal for the long and idle summer days


A field guide to ruthlessly learn all the things. If half the battle is figuring out what to learn, the other half is how to learn it as fast as possible. Choose what you want to learn, and this collection of articles will let you take off at a sprint to get there.

a REPL embedded in your excel

Not sure how useful can this be but it sure is cool!

May 24 2015

April 26 2015

April 20 2015

Vino Romanico - Tinta de Toro
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