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September 29 2014



link to all the papers in pdf published by Journal of Evolution and Technology the IEET, the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology.

January 31 2013

50 Books To Prepare You For the Next 50 Years - Making predictions can be tough — Exhibit A, Harold Camping. But while prophesying the end of the world always ends badly (or always has in the past, anyway), there is such a thing as an educated guess. Prognosticators, futurists, and run-of-the-mill experts are often proved right by viewing the existing data and projecting it into tomorrow, or 50 years from now. To make ready for the next half century, check out some of these 50 books on everything from business to the biology of the future.
50 Books To Prepare You For the Next 50 Years - OnlineDegrees.org

July 19 2012

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