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January 09 2014


June 12 2013

Prime.js is different than other JavaScript frameworks because it was built for object oriented JavaScript. Everything in Prime.js is namespaced and explicit JavaScript objects. We also embraced the new operator and the this variable making them first class citizens again.
Inversoft's Prime.js ⋅ Open Source Library
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April 28 2013


April 22 2013

Wait five years, and there won’t be much good reason to use other languages to build web applications. Wait ten years, and you’ll see applications written in other languages migrating to JavaScript because of the enormous ecosystem it’s building.
Will JavaScript take over the programming world? - Programming
Tags: javascript

April 04 2013


Since I've mentioned a few times that I just learned JavaScript over the last few months, a bunch of people have emailed to ask what I used and recommend to learn it. So here's my experience and best advice for 2013.

NOTE: I wanted to really learn JavaScript - not shortcuts, quick tricks, or meta-tools that keep me from having to learn JavaScript. I want to learn it, get it, read it, understand it, and memorize it, so that I can understand all the other cool things written in JavaScript for years to come.

Learning JavaScript - my experience and advice | Derek Sivers

March 25 2013


I’ve been meaning to write down my thoughts on Javascript MVC frameworks for a while now. Ever since we rebuilt the Square merchant website with Ember[1], we’ve added major new sections to the webapp and gotten a better understanding of how an MVC app would be built and maintained with multiple engineers across multiple teams.

Currently, my thinking is that while rich Javascript MVC frameworks aren’t necessarily a silver bullet, they’re still excellent for a lot of use cases and the downsides shouldn’t preempt new projects from trying them out.

Determining Whether Client-side MVC is for You
Tags: javascript MVC

January 30 2013


January 23 2013

una muy buena lista de libros gratuitos sobre Javascript
Libros gratuitos sobre Javascript | CyberHades

January 15 2013


NodeCloud is a resource directory gathering sites related to Node.js and ordering them by their Alexa traffic, allowing to evaluate relative popularity of a project. Screenshots are generated locally using PhantomJS.

To suggest new sites to be added to the listing, you can reach me through my site or on twitter.

Note to programmers : you might as well be interested in my Ascii Codes reference chart.

BREAKING NEWS : check out Echo JS, a social news site dedicated to JavaScript and related topics!

NodeCloud - Node.js resources

January 13 2013


December 12 2012

The State of JavaScript
The State of JavaScript

November 13 2012


October 17 2012


October 13 2012


September 27 2012


September 26 2012


July 19 2012


July 06 2012

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